Facebook’s New Lagos Office To Build Opportunities Through African Technology

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As part of its commitment to continuous investment in Africa, Facebook announced plans to open a further office in Lagos. The Lagos office will be its second office in Africa and will house a team of skilled engineers who are building for Africa ‘s future and beyond.

The office was established to serve all of Sub-Saharan Africa and is scheduled to be in service in H2 2021. The office will also house a range of teams from around the continent, such as distribution, alliances, strategy, communications and engineers. Facebook Head, Ime Archibong, said: “Opening our new office in Lagos , Nigeria, provides new and exciting possibilities for digital innovation to grow from the continent and take it all around the world

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“We see huge talent in the technology ecosystem in Africa, and I’m proud that we are going to create products for Africa’s and the world’s future with African citizens at their forefront with the next opening of our new office. We aim to further contribute to the African technical ecosystem. “Investment from the new Facebook office follows the launch of NG Hub in 2018, the first flagship hub in Africa in collaboration with CcHub, and the launch in 2019, in collaboration with Telepresence, of a Small Business Group (SBG) operating centre.

The SBG office, through its Advocacy, Community & Education (ACE) Program and Marketing Experts Sales Programs, offers outsourced support to all English-speaking advertiser from across Subsaharan Africa, to support SMBs – all of which help to allow SMB to increase their business growth and development. Facebook Public Policy Manager Kojo Boakye added: “The significant achievement of our new office in Nigeria is further enhancing our commitment to the region.

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“We have a unique mission in Africa to build communities and bring the world closer together, and I look forward to the opportunities this will bring, not just in Nigeria, but across Africa.” He said that Facebook has made a range of investments across the continent since the launch of its new office in 2015 with the goal of supporting and improving technology ecosystems.

“It includes the latest launch of its Nigeria and South Africa SMB Grants programme, with the goal of helping 900 companies through combinations of cash and advertisement credits that enable small enterprises to recover from COVID. “2Africa ‘s construction is the biggest underwater cable project in the world to provide much-needed Internet capability and reliability in large parts of Africa, and its continued training programs across the continent to help different communities, including students, SMEs, digital creative firms, women entrepreneurs, start-ups and developers,” he said.

Nunu Ntshingila, Regional Director, Facebook Africa said: “We are pleased to announce our new Nigeria office. We continue to invest and promote local talent and the different communities that use our platforms five years from the launch of our first office on the continent in Johannesburg , South Africa. The Lagos office will also contribute to extend our operation to our customers across the continent.

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