Unlimited Browsing: Spectranet Plans New data Plans For Consumer

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Spectranet 4G LTE has introduced a specific range of data plans, tagged: ‘Do More Spectracular Data Plans,’ to meet the dilemma of high demands for remote work.

Ajay Awasthi said the company’s analysis of the customer’s behaviour, which was underlined during COVID-19, showed a major change in surfing habits and trends during the virtual launch of the new data plans.

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He said: “The customers are now consuming more data during night hours than day hours. Even within day hours the early morning hours are showing a spike in usage.

“Do More Spectracular data plans come packed with attractive data benefits. It is topped up with Free Unlimited data during certain times of the day and night such as Unified Value plans with Free Unlimited morning time data for 120 hours in a month and Mega Value plans with Free Unlimited night time data for 210 hours in a month. “Both the Unified and Mega Value Plans are available in various affordable denominations starting from N3070 and come with one month’s validity.

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He said consumers who have extremely high data requirements and want continuous 24/7 browsing within a month are now able to affordable subscriptions to the “always-on” data plan.

“The plan is built for new and current subscribers who want to be DO MORE on the Internet about their business such as gaming , entertainment, online research and data demand,” explains Awasthi.

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