Online School: Dynamiss Airtel Partners On Affordable Subscription for Student

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Airtel Nigeria has announced a collaboration with an educational technology provider, Dynamiss to support data and mobile Internet in order to reduce the burden of parents on providing their wards with data subject to online learning from COVID-19.

The partners stated that the partnership will ensure that knowledge access is now subsidized and more accessible to schools and young Nigerian people for educational purposes on any platform offered by Dynamiss.

Under the terms of the partnership, Airtel Nigeria customers who have access to the Dynamiss platforms will benefit from a 50 % discount on data charges / mobile Internet. The reduction also extends to schools , students and even parents on the Airtel network who use either of Dynamiss’ educational platforms.

Dynamiss’ COO, Valerie Sodeinde said that Airtel ‘s discounted information is a crucial shift for most schools in Nigeria in adopting online / digital education.

“What Airtel is demonstrating with this particular initiative is a commitment to support education despite the unrelenting threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many more schools have now developed an appreciation for an online educational system, parents, teachers and schools will most certainly benefit from this very affordable data plan. This decisive initiative by Airtel is a positive response that will be welcome by educators and students alike.”

Dynamiss, a partner company with Microsoft, is one of the most important educational technology companies in the nation and currently offers LMS, Virtual Robots, Protected Assessment Portals and Accredited Online Training for Digital Education Teachers to a wide range of educational institutions across the world.


Credit: Vanguard News

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