Zoom Adds Authentication Of Two Factors For Improving Security

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Many of us are depending on Zoom video calls to communicate with friends and family during the pandemic safely.

Zoom accounts could be more stable, however, and they are becoming more reliable today with the implementation of two-factor authentication for all accounts, pcmag.com says.

Zoom finds 2FA as providing more stability than a range of advantages. Zoom claims it facilitates improved enforcement, simpler credentials management , and cost savings for companies in particular. Since the 2FA functionality is free, Zoom thinks that schools relying on its video service for remote teaching would benefit in particular. They will have to pay a special one-on-service until now.

One of three sources will provide the additional protection layer. The first is a Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or FreeOTP authentication app. Alternatively, you can send a one-time code via SMS text or a telephone call.

To use 2FA, you must have an account available. You can do this by logging into the Dashboard of Zooms. Navigate to Advanced > Menu protection and enable the option “Authenticate Two-Factor Sign-In.”

There will then be three choices available: all users, users with unique responsibilities, and users belonging to a particular community. To confirm new settings, click “Save” and pick the one most suitable for your use case. Then the code is required for anyone who signs up for this zoom account as a second form of identification.

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