Ghanaian Electoral Commission Implements Digital Platforms for Voter Registration

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A digital platform for the ongoing registration of voters has been launched by the Ghanaian Electoral Commission, ahead of the upcoming elections. This measure was taken by the Commission to improve social distance protocols across all registration centers across the country.

The digital queue management system will allow applicants to book slots for the registration ground before leaving home. By following these steps, voters can book slots:

  1. Dial *769#
  2. Select event management (option 3)
  3. Check in to event or venue
  4. Enter registration center code

The voter will receive a text message at the chosen local registration center containing information about the reserved slot. Another way to book a slot is by visiting to sign up and follow the registration prompts for an event. On the website, the voter will check for the registration center code and follow a registration method similar to the USSD.

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The policy would help to reduce the number of people who want to register at any given time, the Electoral Commission says. It will make the registration center safe for citizens as well as officials alike. Moreover, the use of face masks and sanitizers does not mitigate social distancing.

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