Check How Google Has Given a Reason to Keep Millions of Gmail Users

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Right now Gmail users are completely disappointed. Gmail has had issues with Windows in recent weeks and experienced a major spam filter bug that sent potentially malicious emails straight to the inboxes of users. But Google has now announced a massive service overhaul to persuade prospective deserters to stay.

“One thing we’ve heard again and again from our users is how switching between apps interrupts their flow—and their focus,” said Google vice president Javier Soltero. “That’s why in this new integrated experience, we’ve been thoughtful about how to help you work more fluidly.”

What this means in practice is that Gmail can now combine Meet, Talk, Work, Docs / Sheets / Slides, and Tasks as well as Rooms, and will become a full-on Slack / Team rival. Users will be able to exchange and collaborate on real time documents while holding a live video chat without having to leave their accounts. It is highly innovative and will benefit amateur football teams from big business.

Google has announced that those updates will soon be rolled out to Android and iOS devices, but there’s a major caveat. This huge overhaul will only be available out of the gate for G Suite users (register here for access). That said, I would be shocked in this home-working age if it didn’t become available to everyone in a short time.

Google now defines Gmail as a “integrated workspace” after those improvements. It’s a drastic improvement to the most popular email service in the world and anyone who thinks about jumping ship, may want to stick around now.

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