Apple to Compensate iPhone Users

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Apple Inc. has decided that qualifying users of iPhones would receive a $25 reward for intentionally slowing down iPhones.

In 2017, iPhones had a similar issue, with iPhone users accusing Apple of changes that have detériorated the safety of the phone battery. Consumers also thought that this would be done to get people to buy new iPhones.

Apple recognized that updates have been done by the company to prevent applications from the unforeseen shutdown scenarios.

Apple also announced that anyone who owns an iPhone 6 or later versions prior to December 21, 2017 must send declining performance claims via their phones. If the user agrees that he / she would not file an appeal in court, the settlement will be agreed and accepted.

It is estimated by the company to compensate for a sum of $500 million in which some users could receive less than $25 due to the enormous amount of claims redemption.

This is until October 6, 2020 that the settlement application is sent to the judge and the payments will be collected until December 4 , 2020, with the above-mentioned provision.

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