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Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos Now Has a Valuation of Over $200 Billion.

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According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos saw his net wealth rise above 202 billion dollars on Wednesday, making him the first to reach the 200-billion dollar mark. Now he’s 78 billion dollars wealthier than the second co-founder Bill Gates of Microsoft.

The personal wealth of the Amazon founder, who mainly owns Amazon shares, has gained strength in recent years along with the share price of the company. In 2018, Bezos was the richest man in the world as his personal wealth rose to over 150 billion dollars. In 2017, he became the world’s richest man.

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In April, the Amazon shares reached record highs due to unprecedented customer demand, and the stock continued to expand, adding more than 86 per cent to its market cap and this year, providing investors with a gain of over 100 billion. The company’s valuation was over $1.7 trillion as of Wednesday, making it the second most profitable corporation in the USA behind trail Apple alone.

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus contributed to this development, as consumers turned to internet dealers for necessities such as face masks and hand sanitizers and foodstuffs.

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It is possible that, if not for his divorce last year from MacKenzie Scott (which recently changed her last name), Bezos’ net worth would have exceeded the 200 billion-dollar mark earlier. Scott is currently 13th on the Billionaires Index and was one of the most affluent women in the world after her divorce when she was awarded a $37 billion fortune 4% stake in Amazon. Her personal wealth is now over 66 billion dollars on Wednesday.

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