Playstation 5 To Be Launched In November 12

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There is a launch date and price tag for sony’s PlayStation 5.
Two days after Xbox Series X ‘s debut, the console of next generative video games will hit shops Nov 12 — and retail for $499. The all-digital gaming device version, with no disk diskettes, will sell for $399 and will play only downloaded game. In Microsoft ‘s important holiday season, PlayStation 5 is the most anticipated upcoming gaming console. The new Xbox is the most important one. After Microsoft revealed earlier this month that the Xbox series X would sell for $499, Sony reportedly was forced to decrease its price, while the all-digital Xbox series S sold for only $299.

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The Japanese gaming giant said the “overwhelming majority” of PlayStation 4 gamers would be able to play the PlayStation 5, which means that the console will be released with a large library of common and affordable titles. The Xbox Series X is also compatible with reverse systems. The PlayStation 5 will have an extra-high-speed hard drive that Sony says will only eliminate the time of loading in the game and have state of the art graphics-processors.

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On Wednesday, Sony allowed gamers to start making reservations for PlayStation 5 preorders, while on Sept. 22, Xbox preorders will begin. Early morning trading, Microsoft shares decreased 2.3 percent, while Sony stock was stable.

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