Douyin, The Chinese TikTok Version Now Has 600 Million Active Users Per Day

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As of August, parent-company ByteDance said Tuesday, Douyin, the Chinese edition of the popular TikTok short-video sharing app crossed 600 million daily active users.

ByteDance China CEO Kelly Zhang said at the Douyin Creator Conference in Shanghai that over 22 million developers have made more than 41.7 billion yuan ($6.15 billion) on the website over the last year. The organization has also announced plans to spend 10 billion yuan in traffic capital to help creators and target to increase their revenue to 80 billion yuan in the coming year.

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Both Douyin and its foreign edition, TikTok, took off for ByteDance, which is now one of China’s most successful privately owned software firms, in a major way.

In July, TikTok registered nearly 700 million active monthly users, and more than 2 billion global downloads.

The key feature of both applications is to build and upload short videos with added music and unique app effects.

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But, according to a February report from consulting firm Gartner, Douyin has more advanced functionality including a more detailed portal, e-commerce, more complex system for official accounts and funded competitions, livestreaming and the opportunity to post full-length videos. TikTok is trying out some of those features on Douyin, such as e-commerce.

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