Amazon Is Investing In The Battery Recycling Business, Founded By Former Tesla Executive.

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Amazon, one of the world’s largest battery customers, invests in Redwood Materials Battery Recycling business, which was initiated by JB Straubel, a former Tesla executive.
The commitment that has not been announced is a $2- billion donation by Redwood Materials and three more businesses from Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund (CPF).

“Due to its scale and its dedication to a more sustainable footprint, Amazon’s investment is important,” Straubel told TNN. “The company has batteries from Amazon Web Services to consumer electronics to its increasing electrical logistics fleet in so many places within the company.”

Redwood Materials will collaborate with Amazon to recycle batteries from electric cars, other lithium-ion batteries and e-waste from different operations within Amazon.

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Straubel ‘s interest in recycling batteries comes after a decade that Elon Musk helps create Tesla. He helped develop a lithium-ion battery powertrain for the automaker as Tesla ‘s chief technical officer. Although Tesla grew up as CTO with Straubel, Gigafactory created the automaker’s battery outside Reno, Nevada. Redwood Materials also has a recycling plant at Tesla Gigafactory in Carson City Nevada.

“The amount of batteries required is overwhelming in view of the future of transportation and electrification of automobiles,” Straubel said. “We’re now retrieving most of the batteries that we recycle, metal, lithium, nickel , cobalt We’re recycling from batteries. We need to do this now more quickly and to a much greater degree.

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This is not the first investment by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in Redwood Materials. Earlier this year, Bezos and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates raised about $40 million from the investors led by Capricorn Investment Group and Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

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